Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coffee talk: adoption and tutus!

Well, this morning I am sipping my coffee, and putting off so many things that I need to do, because I am waiting to watch a live web cast from the White House on the adoption tax credit.  There is a lady that I know, only through facebook, that is speaking (click HERE to see the webcast).  Her name is Bethany Balsis, and her daughter Nika, was adopted through Reece's Rainbow.  Nika has Down Syndrome, and is one of the most beautiful little girls in the world! You can read more about that family here.

I am so glad that our government is taking steps to make adoption more affordable for every family.  Adoption is so important!  And, of course, my heart bleeds for the adoption of orphans with Down Syndrome.  In the US, the abortion rate for babies that have been prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome is somewhere around 92%.  Let that sink in...... Only about 8% of the beautiful children with Down Syndrome even get the chance to live life.
The statistic is not as high in other countries, but the fear and rejection are the same.  Many children with DS end up living in orphanages until they are 4 years old.  Then, at that young age, they are sent away to live out the rest of their lives in a mental institution.  They often only live a few more years.  The ministry of Reece's Rainbow, exists to help families adopt these precious children.
I have told you all about Reece's Rainbow in previous posts, but if you want more information visit them at www.reecesrainbow.com

What can you do to help?  You could adopt!  Things like the adoption tax credit (currently $13,170) and ministries like Reece's Rainbow, really help lower the cost.  Not for you?  You could donate to Reece's Rainbow!  Today I have another suggestion for you!
My good friend Erin Buche (an old college buddy!), who also has a heart for Reece's Rainbow, is selling homemade tutus to raise money for the cause. 

Just in time for Halloween (if you hurry!)!!!!

Aren't these CUTE!!!!  You can pick your own colors.  You know you need one!  The cost is $20, plus $5 shipping, and remember, all the money she makes, after materials,  is going to Reece's Rainbow.

Click here to get one now!

Or Here!


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