Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can you help me?

First- a bit of an introduction in case you don't know me......My name is Tracy McCain, and I have a 3 year old daughter with Down Syndrome, Karis. My husband is a full time minister, and we live in a very rural area of Arizona, a small town called Morenci.  Now you know me!

Most of you that would read this are my friends and family, and know that Karis has, and continues to go without many services and therapies that she is eligible for, and would benefit from, because there are no providers in our area.  Our only option would be to take weekly or monthly trips to Tucson which is 3 hours away, or Phoenix which is 4.5 hours away for services/therapy, and we just cannot afford to make these trips. Karis just turned 3 in April and has aged out of all her current services, and school is out for the summer.  Therefore, Karis is now entering a 3-4 month span with no services or therapy at all.  This scares me.  I can and will do all that I can to help Karis, and I have recently learned about a device that is helping special needs children around the world grow and learn in ways they never have before!  It is the #1 assistive educational technology in the world right now for the nonverbal, cognitively delayed, etc.  You've heard of it, it's the iPad!!  The iPad is revolutionizing the special needs world with hundreds of apps that help with speech, fine motor skills, basic concepts, life skills, the list goes on and on.  And, even though they are expensive, the iPad costs a fraction of what the outdated technology costs that people struggled for years to provide for their children.   The problem is, they are expensive, and I can't afford one.  I know there are many organizations out there that could help me, and I have contacted many of them.  Most of them are telling me that, due to the overwhelming demand, they are not giving out iPads anymore because they have to save money for other projects.  Others have told me that they would help anyone that completed the proper paperwork, but the line is very long.  I also know I could ask local charities for help.  The problem with all of these things is that they take time, lots of time, and Karis doesn't have time to waste.  The gap between her and her typical peers gets wider every day, and again, she has nothing to help her this summer.  
I know that God has a plan for her, and that placing us in a remote area with few resources was not an over site on God's part.  I also cannot just pick and move. This is where God wants our family, and we are very blessed here.  This device could make such a difference in her development.  And, as she grows, all I have to do to continue to challenge her is buy new apps!

I am humbly requesting that you, my friends, my family, and fellow advocates for children with special needs, help us buy an iPad2 for our daughter.  I need about $700 for the device, a kid friendly case, tax, and shipping.  Our family's contribution is that we will buy the apps ourselves.  Below is a place where you can "chip in."  It's a safe and secure device that will drop money into our paypal account.  

Do I have 70 friends who would give $10 dollars, or 35 friends who could give $20, so we can give her the help she needs quickly?  Just a small contribution can help make this bright little girl shine even brighter.  
Thanks everyone, I love you all!



Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a mom of a sweet, determined,active 11y/o DD with DS. Another Blogger shared your site. Thank you for being willing to step out & ask for IPad funds. We to struggle with speech issues but the $ we have has to go to other medical bills. God is very good in providing! Would you mind updating to let me know what you now think of the IPad? God so cares for your special treasure from Heaven!

Tracy McCain said...

HI there! The iPad has been a greater blessing than I had ever hoped. It has helped her so much in the areas of speech and fine motor, as well as basic skills. We're now using it to help her get ready for Kindergarten!