Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick kids

The kids coughed all night last night.  Karis coughed until she puked.  Karis' coughing was like an trying to sleep through an alarm clock going off every nine minutes.  We heard it, and had to listen to hear if she threw up, if she didn't we'd go back to sleep for a while untill she coughed again.  If she did puke, well you know... 
Keaton coughed probably just as much, but since his room is a little further away, it didn't keep us awake.  He was really not feeling well.  His voice was getting more horse, he was cuddly all day and didn't want to play much.  Karis seemed ok other than the cough at night.
We took the kids to the doctor today.  We aren't ones to immediatley rush off to the doctor, but Keaton seemed to be getting worse, not better, so off we went.  Everything went well there, no shots, or stuff shoved up their noses (like in October when they both had H1N1).   As it turns out, Keaton has an ear infection.  He was sent home with antibiotics and cough medicine.  Karis, who we didn't think was that sick, has fluid in her lungs, and was sent home with steroids and albuterol for breathing treatments. (Lucky will still have the machine from last March when she was hospitalized for pnuemonia.)  The doctor said we caught this one early, this could have easily turned into another hospital stay with pneomonia for her.  Thank you Lord that that didn't happen, You are faithful and good to us!  We are supposed to take her to the ER if she develops a fever.  But, I really think she's going to be fine! 
I hear from a lot of you that your kids are sick too.  If you are up at 3:00am, leave me a comment and let me know how you all are doing (probably not so good, if that's the case).

Here's hoping for a less coughing, no puking, more resting kind of night for us all!

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Bryan said...

Ah the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Sleepless nights and drowsy days constant worries of child wellfare.