Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunshine, inspiration for a Monday

Today has been a good day, and it's only half over.
If you live anywhere near me, you've noticed the all-of-the-sudden Seattle-ness of Arizona.  RAIN, and CLOUDS, and COLD, yuck.  What's funny to me is that native Arizonans love the rain, it's a novelty.  They relish the cool cloudy skies and the free irrigation that give us a break from the burning sun. I'm not a native Arizonan, I'm a midwesterner.  Growing up in central Illinois, I've seen enough rain for a life time.  No more for me, thanks!  But in the Southwest, rain is a rare commodity that  people treasure, usually.   This amount of rain, though, well, pretty much everyone is sick of it.  And I think that most rain enthusiasts would tell you that what they love is summer rain, that cools the air and  replenishes the soil, not this cold, soggy, freeze-you-to-your-core January rain.  But today, this beautiful Monday, the sun has returned to us.  Filling our hearts with it's warmth and light, and thawing our frozen noses and toes-es.  I love sunshine, which is why I love the Southwest. 
My day started in the best way.  To preface I'll tell you that yesterday, after church, we all sacked out for a long winter's nap, which of course led to my husband and me (yes that is correct grammar!) staying up way too late.  When I groaned that I really wasn't looking forward to getting up and taking Keaton to school (another after effect of the current Seattle-like weather), my husband said he would do it.  YAY!  So, like I said, my day started in the best way, by sleeping in.  When I finally did roll out of bed. I made my way to our ladies aerobics class at our church.  I'll tell ya, there is no better way to get some exercise than with a few friends.
Now here I am.  The kids are napping, the house is quiet, and the sun is peering through the windows.  I'm in a good mood.  So, I think I'll take advantage of this upbeat spirit and tackle a few projects around the house, with the blinds way open, of course.

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