Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reflections on a busy week . . .

Hi all!  Busy, busy busy, that's what we've been around here.  Mostly I've been busy making cakes, and doing stuff with and for the kids, dentists, doctors, school projects.  I haven't had a lot to do that I really hate to do.  I mean, no one likes dishes and laundry, but they are a daily part of life.  This week was super busy, but I really enjoyed it!  A thought occurred to me this week, I was happy being busy!  Normally I hate being super busy, it  makes me huffy, and short tempered.  I really like being home with my family.  But I realized that this week was just the right amount of busy, and full of things that I enjoy doing.
I've been thinking about busyness.  There are times when I have way to much to do, that I get irritable and grouchy.  Then there are weeks that I have nothing to do, and after a few days I feel depression start to set in.  I am starting to wonder if boredom and depression are look alike cousins.
I started to think about God's plan for busyness vs. rest.  God has layed out a perfect plan for us.  He worked for 6 days, and rested for one, and he loved what he was doing.  God didn't sit around and watch TV, and play on Facebook for four days, then finally get around to creating something, and then go back to the couch.  God worked, and he rested.  He had just the right amount of busy.
I've been thinking about this ratio of rest vs busyness.  We need to find the right ratio.  I really think that we need to busy enough that really look forward to, and enjoy our rest.  When I think about it, I can name a dozen or more stay at home moms I know that are struggling with depression.  I'm a stay at home mom, so don't think I am against being home, I'm not.  But I think there are many of us who have the ratio wrong.  We have too much rest, and that leads to depression, or maybe just boredom, his look alike cousin.  Facebook, TV, dishes and laundry aren't enough to keep our minds and bodies active.  It's too much rest.  We need to do more.  We need interaction with others.  We need to do something we enjoy.  Maybe what we need is to be busier. 
I'm not saying that all of us Stay at Home Moms need to go out and get a job.  No, we have chosen to stay home for a reason.  But maybe what we do need is to get out into the community, volunteer, do something for others.  I can guarantee you that if you are looking for something to fill a little of your time and keep you active, nothing will fulfill you more, than doing something to benefit someone else.  Maybe you need a hobby, something that you can't wait to get the housework done so that you can get to it.   Most of the happiest Stay at Home Moms I know keep busy making something with their hands, or volunteering in the community.
You know yourself best.  Are you busy enough?  Or do you have the rest vs busyness ratio off.  If you are pretty busy, is it with way too much that you don't enjoy?  Do you need to dedicate more time to doing things that fulfill you?

Just something that's been rolling around in my head?  Any thoughts?  Do share!

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Anonymous said...

you have learn this way younger than I have .I have learned this lesson only a few years ago. maybe I have know this for years but didn't realized it or put it to words .But in the last few years I have realized that i enjoy my work sometime its like playing and sometime it just hard work.but I love creating flower arrangement , cake,cards .Sometime it is hard to keep a balance.stop and smell the roses.