Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy....

A blog I follow, No Greater Gift, posted a challenge to look on the brighter side of things today, and find 10 things that make us happy.  I'm doing just that!  If you are a blogger too, and want to join in the fun, we're going for a free give away here!

10 Things That Make Me Happy...(in no particular order)

1. The way my daughter laughs uncontrollably at every little thing when she gets tired at night.

2.  When my son learns something new and says "now I know everything," and means it!

3.  Coffee.  Iced or Hot, love it!

4.  My husbands shoulders.  In a figurative sense, he carries so much and does it well, without complaining.  In a literal sense, rrrrrrrooowwww!

5.  Sunshine, we've had so much rain.

6.  The pink blossoms on my apricot tree.

7. Tulips, any and all colors!

8.  Dinner out with my family.

9.  Our amazing, loving, and awesome church!

10.  Hearing my son pray.

There you go!  If you read this, please leave me a comment with at least one thing that makes you happy!


Anonymous said...

1. The fresh spring air
2. A great church to worship the Lord with fellow Christians
3. Grandkids, Keaton & Karis
4. Our kids, Mike & Tim and our Daughter-in-law, Tracy and Mike's girlfriend Elizabeth.
5. Just being "high on life" at least they accuse me of that at work.
6. All the blessing of the Lord

Too many more to list

Rachel said...

Hearing my daughters giggle and laugh with delight as they play with each other!

Thanks for posting this...I think I'll do the same! You have a cute and inspiring blog. I found you from Karen Zabel. Blessings, Rachel :)